8 Nov 2008

Hello La Jolla San Diego

Many people in the medical world will tell you what a chore some of these medical conferences can be

And often the locations are in parts of the world you never really were interested in visiting

So it was with pleasant surprise for my ECMO team that the ELSO conference was in San Diego this year

And what a blast it was

The sites, the people, La Jolla and the seals

So we did the tourist thing and took a whole bunch of pictures and sunned ourselves to our hearts delight

Oh, and attended the conference which was quite good if anyone was wondering

Anyway a few things occurred while we were in San Diego and we resolved to build a blog about it

Our major concern is actually the plight of the seals at La Jolla bay. I will tell you more about the seals in a later post

For now, this is just to say hello