25 Jan 2009

La Jolla Childrens Pool Seals

I'll confess to you, prior to going to San Diego on a conference, I had no interest in seals, they were just another animal, slippery and shiny.

But during a visit to La Jolla, on a sea front walk [you can't exactly call it a beach] we came across seal bay or what is officially called the childrens pool.

After a few hours of gawping at these marvellous creatures, 3 rather energized but badly sunburnt friends were driven from our seat by the cove by extreme thirst. No where to buy water to drink on this stretch of coast line. We would have happily sat there all day but alas we are only human.

As we walked reluctantly away, we came across a lovely older lady who was obviously talking to passers by but we really could not hear what she was saying above the noise of the crowd

We moved closer and asked, as only a tourist can, what she was on about

Then she burst our little bubble. There are plans to drive away the seals from seal bay.

Hey? But I have just discovered seals..... and they are absolutely beautiful..... and they are not a threat to us in any way and........ so many ands passed back and forth between us three as the planned closure of seal bay [cause that's how we see it] dominated our conversation for the next few hours

As we got back to Mission Bay, we asked a few locals about the planned closure and to our dismay non of the people we spoke to either seemed to be aware or to care

So we decided to start a blog on the seals. Now we probably won't make a big splash in the waters but at least we would have contributed our two cents to saving the la jolla seals